Sublimation Metal Sheets (0..48mm & 0.68mm)

Sublimation Metal Sheets

Sublimation metal is one of the most cost effective, and widely available products available for dye sublimation printing, and we are proud to have been one of the first suppliers in Britain to recognise the potential of this versatile material!

Sublimation metal is typically aluminium, available in a range of thicknesses (or ‘Gauges’) – commonly 0.48mm or 0.68mm (though other gauges are available, such as our 1.2mm ChromaLuxe Aluminium Photo Panels). These sheets measure approximately 30.5 x 61cm (12 x 24″) and are available in nine different shades. There’s also a range of Pre-Cut Metals, but most customers choose to purchase the standard sheets shown here.

Metal sheets are perfect for cutting down to specific sizes, which are then ideal for use as entry/exit signs, warning signs, vintage or ‘retro’ signage and much more besides. The polyester rich coating ensures vibrant colourful images with clean, crisp edges.

Working with our sublimation metal sheets couldn’t be easier. When working with Sawgrass printers, we typically recommend using the ‘Tumbler’ substrate setting for best results in terms of colour. Prints should be allowed to dry in full before pressing, with our S-Race Vivid paper offering the best quality of transfer available. We would also recommend one of our PTFE Pressing Pillows to help ensure that pressure is kept light – but consistent – across the surface of the aluminium. This helps ensure a smooth, glossy finish post-pressing.

Our .48mm and .68mm metal sheets are easily cut down to custom sizes with our Hand Operated Guillotine and the corners can be rounded using our Corner Rounder.

We think you’ll love our subli metal sheets, but if you have any specific queries please do get in touch with us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

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