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New Size Craft Press

17 May 2022


We now have in stock the NEW 10×12″ Craft Press. 

The Craft Express Heat Press is a lightweight alternative to our range of flatbed heat presses. The Craft Express, combined with the Sawgrass SG500 offers a perfect low cost entry point into the world of sublimation – with a heated platen measuring approximately 10 x 12”, this innovative unit is capable of producing most flat products within that size range, including t-shirts, coasters, keyrings and much more.

Comes supplied with one Heat Pressing Pillow for Craft Press.

Approximate physical dimensions of the Craft Press (W:D:H) – 28 x 34 x 17cm.

7 x 8″ Craft Press

SubliJet-UHD SG500 / SG1000 Cartridges

Heat Pressing Pillow 7 x 8″

10 x 12″ Craft Press

Heat Pressing Pillow 10 x 12″