Freshen Up Your Surroundings!

17 Apr 2024


With Our Chromaluxe Wall Mount Photo Panels.

Celebrate the arrival of brighter days and warmer weather this spring! Why not take the opportunity to freshen up your indoor spaces with a personalised touch by showcasing your favorite family memories onto our Premium Chromaluxe Wall Mount Photo Panels.

🎨 Why Choose Chromaluxe Wall Mount Photo Panels? 🖼️

ChromaLuxe Wall Mount Photo Panels are a premium quality, high gloss wooden panel for dye sublimation, especially suited to high quality photographic images.

ChromaLuxe Wall Mount Photo Panels are the most popular sublimation photographic panel on the market and are available in various sizes.

These panels come with pre fitted key holes for wall hanging. Some of the smaller sizes will happily stand freely on a desk due to their thickness of approximately 17mm.

Perfect Personalised Gifts: Ideal for any occasion as premium quality gifts, our Chromaluxe Wall Mount Photo Panels along with cherished memories are made to impress.

💧 Easy To Clean: Offering the same quality and durability of other ChromaLuxe products, our photo panels can be cleaned safely with standard household cleaning products – without damaging the image.

Exceptional Image Quality: Experience vibrancy and depth of color with our Gloss White finish. Colors pop and details come to life with the white base and thick high gloss coating. This is an excellent finish for any subject, including landscapes, nature, action photos, water scenes and portraits.

💪 Durability: Chromaluxe high-performance substrates and coatings deliver a scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant photographic product that can be easily cleaned daily.

🎨 Easy Customisation: Our Chromaluxe Wall Mount Photo Panels serve as an ideal blank canvas, allowing you to effortlessly infuse them with your distinct personal flair. Featuring our gloss white finish, these panels are perfect for showcasing family portraits or a fine art series.

🖼️ Easy To Hang: ChromaLuxe photographic panels are easy to mount and do not require additional framing before hanging.

Designed For Any Interior Aesthetic:

Choose from several shapes and sizes to suit any interior design aesthetic. Whether you’re freshening up your home, office, or looking to present a series of artwork at your local exhibition. Chromaluxe Products offer exceptional quality everytime.


Our Chromaluxe Wall Mount Photo Panels

  • 6 x 6 Wall Mount Photo Panel

    Wall Mount Photo Panel 15 x 15cm (6 x 6″) – Pack 2

    SKU: 3252 £11.60 Ex vat. £13.92 Inc vat.
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  • Unisub Wall Mount Photo Panel Wooden

    Wall Mount Photo Panel 20 x 30cm (7.8 x 11.8″) – Pack 2

    SKU: 3243 £17.40 Ex vat. £20.88 Inc vat.
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  • Wall Mount Photo Panel 29.5 x 29.5 cm (11.6 x 11.6″) – Pack 2

    SKU: 3246 £18.20 Ex vat. £21.84 Inc vat.
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  • Wall Mount Photo Panel 30.5 x 40 cm (12 x16″) – Pack 2

    SKU: 3250 £24.80 Ex vat. £29.76 Inc vat.
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  • Wall Mount Photo Panel 28 x 35cm (11 x 13.7″) – Pack 2

    SKU: 3244 £25.00 Ex vat. £30.00 Inc vat.
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  • Wall Mount Photo Panel (40 x 59cm)

    Wall Mount Photo Panel 40 x 59cm (16 x 24″) – Pack 2

    SKU: 3248 £44.50 Ex vat. £53.40 Inc vat.
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