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Dye Sublimation Printing – Printers, Heat Presses & Consumables

Established in 1991, Nova Chrome is a UK based supplier of 400+ sublimation printable products and dye sublimation equipment. This includes Sawgrass printers, a range of heat transfer presses and cutting equipment. Additionally we supply a selection of sublimation accessories and printer consumables comprising of sublimation inks, sublimation paper and much more.

Our dye sublimation equipment is of excellent quality, and high-performance. The Sawgrass Virtuoso printers are widely regarded as producing the finest quality transfers, and deliver excellent results across our broad range of sublimation blanks.

Whether you run a business producing personalised items or are simply a hobbyist creating bespoke items for the enjoyment of friends and family, we can provide the system which is perfect for your needs alongside full in-house technical support - provided with every system we sell.

We believe that the customer journey doesn’t have to end at the checkout – whether you need help to get up and running, have any technical queries or whether you simply want to ensure that you are getting the best result out of your system, we can help with telephone, email or remote access support. Should you need one-on-one support, we will be happy to help. When having purchased any equipment from ourselves, please contact us to arrange a full training day at our premises, at absolutely no additional cost. We have a vast amount of dye sublimation experience under our belt, and we would be delighted to assist with your queries.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the personalised gift industry, and are suppliers of personalised items including ChromaLuxe products, and accessories such as S-Race Sublimation paper.

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Heat Presses

We have a number of Heat Transfer Presses to consider, from our A4 Swing-Head, A3 - A2 Deep impacts, or an A1 Pneumatic press.

All of our presses come with a pressing manual and can accommodate our thicker items such as Acrylic blocks and Wall Mount Photo Panels.

Heat Presses


Our sublimation printers range from A4, A3 or A1, we'll help you figure which printer is the one for you

Each printer comes with Sawgrass SubliJet ink cartridges, colour correction software, a full list of templates for all of our products, plus free training!




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