Nova Chrome UK, tel: +44 1407 720 011,

Thank You

Hello everyone,


We hope that you are keeping well.

We would like to thank you all, our many loyal, long term customers and lots of new customers too. With very few staff, at times only two, we have tried to support you as best as we could through this crisis but you in turn have also supported us and we are very grateful for that.

Your orders and your patience have kept us going and we hope that we can continue to work with you in the future.

We wanted to let you know that we have been putting in place some new measures which will allow us to operate in a safe and responsible way, keeping to the new distancing guidelines. We will be bringing back staff on a gradual basis so that we can fulfil our customers’ requirements and attempt to return to some form of normality.

We hope that you can all steer your businesses through this difficult time but most of all we hope that you all remain well.


Thank you everyone. Your support is really appreciated. 

Take care – Stay Safe